6Biz Avenue

Let our story and action speaks for itself

6BIZ AVENUE PLT is the brain-child of 18 years experience in the avenue of business value-added services.

Prior to 1999, Dato’ Vimmy Yap herself having experienced many shortfalls working in several traditional accounting firms. Tempted to change the accounting industry, she resigned and was out of her comfort zone to fix it by starting her own entrepreneurship.

As she has been in the business for almost two decades, she noted the businesses need more than business compliances. Hence, she made a breakthrough by revolving the business model and brand architecture that redefines and instil this philosophy into 6Biz Avenue PLT.

Inspired by the fascinating life cycle of butterfly, 6BIZ AVENUE synonymizes the business model with “The Butterfly Principle”. The life cycle of butterfly involves 4 stages namely, “The Egg”, “The Larva”, “The Pupa” and “The Butterfly”.

Deriving from this cycle, 6BIZ AVENUE began to recognize how well this cycle resembles the 4 essential pillars of every SME would go through which are Business Essentials, Knowledge Sharing, Retreat & Recharge and Lifestyle Essentials that could smarten start-up’s pathway at every turn.

Fundamentally, the main objective of this business model is to help SMEs to achieve business-life balance.

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We invite you to learn more about our firm and philosophy to discover how can we grow with you. Our aim is to become the consulting partner of SMEs towards breakthrough results. As a business doctor, our mission is to assist business entities begin from new start-up to be more ADAPT AHEAD against environmental changes and competition; and ultimately, sustain, grow and expand.